When 1978 approached, there were a lot of discussions among the Indians in Fiji as to how best the centenary of the arrival of the girmityas to Fiji to be commemorated. Four separate organisations sprung up.

After a lot of disscussions amongst the leaders of the Indians and Leaders of the Government the best memorial to the Girmityas should in form of a Living Insitutition that can work towards the future harmonious development of Fiji. Thus, as the Girmityas contributions to the development of Fiji was of immense benefit so must the future contribution be as useful as the past was.

Dissucssions in the main were held between Ratu, Sir Kamesese Mara, the then Prime Minister of Fiji, The Leader of Opposition Hon Jai Ram Reddy, Dr. James Mahraj, the Vice Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific, Sir Vijay R. Singh, the then Attorney General and Messrs. Y.P.Reddy and Dijendra Singh. From these disscussions the idea evolved that the Girmit Council should be established by the co-operation of all the existing Cultural-cum-educational bodies that were serving the children of Girmityas since the girmit days.

There some some strong objections on the use of the word "Girmit" Therefore the Council was first known as the "Fiji Council of Centenary Celebrations."

The Government also took a keen interest in celebtrating the centenary and formed a National Committee for the Girmit Centenary Celebrations under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister Ratu Penaia Ganilau.

The Government took on board most of the suggestion made to it by the Fiji Council of Centenary Celebrations,such as the 50 cent Girmit Coins, Girmit Badge given to all the school children, District Programmes, Essay Competition, etc.

The Government recognised the Fiji Council of Centenary Celebrations as the main body and authorised it to collect funds from the Public to build a fitting memorial to the Girmityas. After a few years the Centenary Council changed its name to "Fiji Girmit Council"

Most of the other organistions became extinct.