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A group of indentured labourers in a depot prior to their departure to Fiji

Breakfast on a ship to Fiji

The Coolie lines, 61, Garden Reach, Calcutta. View from the Isolation Hospital on the Wall.

Coolie lines in Fiji (who knows where?)

A husband and wife during the Girmitiya area

A Girmitiya woman in traditional finery (courtesy of Fiji Museum)

A group of Girmitiyas (cover picture of Dr. Brij Lal's book)

Girmitiya labour lines in Fiji

The remains of the 'Syria' wrecked on her maiden voyage to Fiji, May 11, 1884. Nearly 60 people died and the bodies that were removed were buried near Nasilai. This picture was taken in 1969 and shows members of the Fiji Girmit Association who performed a 'pooja' on the wreck.

Girmitiya women in working clothes

A shipping document for an Indian male on the first trip of the 'Leonidas' to Fiji

Sadhu Munsami's (matted) long hair touching his toe. He was very proud of his long beard and hair. He spent most of his life serving his indenture in the coolie line.

Pandit Uma Dutt Maharaj, who served his indenture in Navua and who built the first Hindu temple on the bank of the Navua River.

Pandit Pahlad Maharaj came to Fiji on 8 November 1912 at the age of 25 and served his indenture in Luvuluvu. After completing his term he bought land in Wainibokasi, took active part in religion and politics as well as being a successful farmer.

Mr. D M Manilal